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About Me

Hi. I am a 34yr old, Winnipeg graphic designer with an obsessive attention to detail. My digital creative journey started in 1995 with none other than the wonderful MS Paint. For those of you that remember, you'll appreciate the novelty of this essential piece of design history. Though I am now primarily a Mac OS user, I do have to thank Mr. Bill Gates for my humble beginnings. That being said, MS Paint quickly became underwhelming and I soon adopted its bigger, cooler brother, Photoshop. From there I've invested thousands of hours honing my skills in a multitude of applications. From freelance to full time employment, I have had great opportunity to showcase my skill set since 2008. 

When I'm not behind a computer, you can often find me behind a guitar, playing with other musicians or pulling on wrenches in my garage. Being a former mechanic, I love working with my hands and finding new hobbies. Anything creative and productive generally floats my boat.

About my work

My philosophy in design is, If it's there, what's it for?  A prime example; logos are peoples first impression of the kind of operation you run. It will either say "professional", or it will scream "amateur"! If your advertising is being ignored because what they're looking at simply is not appealing, this is a problem! A whole host of factors come in to play, but being strategic in how the organization is represented through art is what will make an effective impression. Especially in this creative digital age. A wise person once said, 'Design should never say, look at me. It should say, look at this'. I believe this whole heartedly.


I love the challenge of taking the heart behind an organization and funnelling it into an illustration. Designing with intention is how I operate and my clients and I find great success in it. Please visit my portfolio to get a glimpse of my art work.

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